I could talk about how Rosie is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Certified MBTI Practitioner (Myers Briggs (personality) Type Indicator), as well as having an MA in Management Learning and Leadership. However, the work that Rosie does goes above and beyond her impressive array of qualifications.

Having struggled with what I later came to recognise as anxiety and depression on and off for most of my life, a year ago I reached a pivotal point in my illness in which I realised something had to change. Having had a brief spell of therapy in my late teens and it acting as more of a band aid than anything else I was reluctant to seek out other kinds of therapies. I didn’t want a form of therapy that involves sitting around and talking about the past which would inevitably drag up negative encounters that painted myself as a victim. What I wanted was change and with Rosie that’s exactly what I got. Of course, when you find yourself in the grip of a mental illness it is essential to address the past in order to move forward but with Rosie it was never just about vocalising those experiences and feelings. It was about confronting them head on and changing the way I felt about not only those pivotal life events – that led me to have so many negative beliefs about myself – but also the person I was allowing myself to be. What I mean by that is I was allowing other people’s perspectives and opinions of me to shape the way I felt about myself. Deep down we all know who our true selves are but at that moment in time I couldn’t have been further away from her. What Rosie helped me to do was reclaim that person, the person who both she and myself truly believed deserved to be happy.

— Nina, Private Client
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Rosie helped me to deal with some old hurts and traumas from a serious childhood illness, which led to feelings of abandonment, isolation and to bullying at school. Through combining the use of EFT and other therapy approaches, she helped me to recognise the impact this was still sometimes having on my beliefs, patterns of behaviour and reactions. An awful lot has shifted and I now feel calm, confident, happy, in charge of my life and much better able to deal with difficult personal situations

— Pauline, Private client.

Imagine being able to talk to someone about yourself and your life and feel they ‘get’ you – you feel properly understood and fully accepted, perhaps for the very first time. Then, imagine your self-confidence growing as you’re guided towards a more optimistic future, rich with possibilities. This is what has happened to me and I shall be eternally grateful for the quality of Rosie’s questions, insight, listening and experience. I know people she works with feel transformed by the experience and I recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation

— Andy, Private client

Rosie has been amazing at helping me overcome difficult situations in my work and personal life and making relationships better, in a very positive and fun way. She instinctively uses her array of skills in combination to get to the heart of the issues I’ve needed to recognise and understand about myself and others in order to move forward and make my life healthier. These have included NLP, EFT, hypnotherapy and personality psychology

— Nicola, Private client

Rosie helped, with some EFT, NLP and MBTI (understanding of personality preferences) sessions, to break through a weight loss plateau. My job at the time was highly stressful, I was exercising 4 times a week and trying to watch my eating habits. Through the sessions with her, I was able to decide what was important, handle the work situations and stress and focus on what was best for myself

— Liz. Private Client

I went to Rosie for help following a major personal trauma and found her to be very intuitive and kind. Using an integrated approach with EFT, NLP and Reiki, Rosie’s ability to focus on and work with me on the reasons I was unable to move on was amazing and meant that I could cope and understand why I felt this way. She really made a difference and I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Rosie was genuinely interested in what I had to say – just brilliant

— Helen, Private Client

Working with Rosie helped me to recognise that the bullying at work I was struggling to deal with was part of a repeating pattern of abusive relationships I have had in my life since childhood. When I am shouted at or belittled I experience the same feelings as I had as a child, wanting to run away and hide or becoming tearful.

— Jackie, Private Client
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I struggled for many years with a difficult, close relationship and long-held resentment that in many ways got in the way in both in my private and work lives. Rosie helped me to understand myself and others better and to release all of the negativity I’d been holding onto. She’s literally helped to change my whole life.

— Gerry

I found that Rosie was very actively leading from the front, guiding and coaching the management team, role modelling the organisational values, ensuring that teams and individuals were developed, and that learning was transferred into the organisation.

I am aware that Rosie’s work had a strong, positive and enduring impact on her organisation and people. She was nominated for a CIPD award by Roffey Park. Throughout the time I have known her, Rosie has diligently pursued her continuing professional development, expanding her expertise in OD and various therapeutic fields.

Rosie is an excellent counsellor and a capable and humane mentor and coach.

— Linda, Director, author, colleague.

I had a big decision to make about work and my future lifestyle. Rosie had tremendous patience and brought a warmth and humour that made me feel a lot more positive about myself and the future. She always strives to get the right balance between being supportive and empathetic but knowing that you need to be helped to deal with the issues

— Sue, Private Client