It goes without saying that our careers are important to us. They are the means by which we provide a home for ourselves, drive a car, eat and socialise.

Some people find themselves in their ideal job for life; for others, that’s not what happens, or it’s not what they want.

Some have found themselves in a job that they didn’t plan to be in, but it turns out well at least for a few years, they learn and if they’re lucky, they progress and grow.

And some will be currently experiencing difficult work situations.

Whichever camp you’re in, there sometimes comes a time when you feel you have more freedom of choice about what you do, or when your circumstances change in some way – that you make a choice to change your career. Or you may be forced into changing it, through job loss or redundancy.

You may solely be looking to change your job by moving to another company, or you may want to branch out into something new and different.

And you may want help in resolving current and difficult issues at work- which may be in the complex and difficult employment legislation field.

Whatever you’re looking to do, I can help you navigate through those issues. I can advise you on procedure and protocol. I can help you draft and construct letters and emails and advise you on the sorts of conversations you need to have and who you need to talk to and appoint.

In terms of changing jobs, or seeking promotion within the same company, you will more than likely need to give your CV a bit of an overhaul, or you might want to completely re-write it. It’s also likely that if you’ve been out of the jobs market for some time that you’ll need some advice and help with interview techniques. Many companies nowadays use a competency- based interview approach and it’s useful to be able to master it before you turn up on the day!

In my corporate job roles and as a consultant over many years, I’ve designed and written recruitment strategies and processes and designed competency frameworks for a number of diverse organisations.

How can I help?

I’ve helped many people to think about and choose completely new careers, those more suited to their personalities, values, skills, talents, future goals or dreams.I’ve helped many to write effective CVs, understand and master interview approaches and techniques – and more importantly, to get the jobs they wanted or dreamed of.

Let me help you, too, to get the job, or working environment, that you want.

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What Clients Say

After a long, fixed-term contract had come to an end, Rosie helped me to get a new type of job role in a new company and location. She first helped me to think about my personality type and preferences, to narrow down what sort of working environment and job role I would prefer and be suited for.

She then helped me to write a competency-based CV, drawing out my approach, achievements and the results they had delivered in a way that showed transferable skills and competencies to the potential new employer. She coached me in Adamcompetency interviewing techniques. The interviewers gave me glowing interview feedback and I got the job, subsequently getting promoted within the same company.