Jackie, Private Client

Working with Rosie helped me to recognise that the bullying at work I was struggling to deal with was part of a repeating pattern of abusive relationships I have had in my life since childhood. When I am shouted at or belittled I experience the same feelings as I had as a child, wanting to run away and hide or becoming tearful.

By understanding that I am longer that small child – and helping me to heal the small child – Rosie has helped me to find new ways to cope. I feel less powerless and can deal with the crippling emotions that used to overwhelm me each time I am belittled or shouted at.

Using a combination of EFT, NLP and MBTI (understanding of personality preferences in self and others) Rosie helped me to safely unlock difficult and uncomfortable memories and look back at them with an adult’s understanding. Through this work I am starting to feel surer of myself; my self-esteem is improving and I can start to deal with the bullies.