Rosie Stevens (MA)
Director, The Heart of Change

Certified NLP Master Practitioner

Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist

Certified EFT Practitioner

Certified MBTI Practitioner

I always tailor the way I work and the therapeutic approaches and methods I use with you individually. I talk you through things and let you make choices in terms of what you think might help the most. I give all my clients additional resources – website links, books, CDs, related articles etc., and follow-up check-ins are an inbuilt part of the process when working with me.

I’ve been really lucky and privileged to be trained by and work with some of the best people in the UK and the world, so the resources I use and share are a combination of mine and theirs. I think my contribution and responsibility is to bring them together holistically and give them to as many people as I can.

I’m fundamentally here to help you to discover who and what you really want to be, what is keeping you stuck or blocking you, what is causing your sadness, pain, illness, anxiety or uncertainty and to help you find the life you want to lead.

I’ve always been passionate about helping people to discover, re-discover and be their true selves and become the very best of themselves, in both the corporate and private worlds.

I’ve had a lifetime of working alongside people and helping them to change- in my corporate life, as a senior leader, facilitator, coach and consultant in large organisations – and as a private therapist, working with people on a wide range of issues – from emotional issues of anxiety and stress, depression, overwhelm, lack of self-esteem, limiting beliefs and self-destructive patterns of behaviour – to career choices, CV and interview help. I always think that what matters most is what my clients say about working with me, so please do take a look at my “Testimonials” page, as well.

My Qualifications

  • MA in Management Learning
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner
  • Advanced Hypnotherapist
  • Certified expert in understanding personality and difference (Myers Briggs Type Indicator, MBTI)
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What Clients Say

Rosie hasn’t just helped me deal with a particular spell of anxiety and depression, but provided me with the tools in order to maintain by own mental health and wellbeing. Our sessions have given me the ability to change the way I feel about myself and the way that others have behaved towards me in the past. She’s helped me to find the strength, my true self, the person that I am and always wanted to be at all times regardless of how others see me. I would urge anyone going through a difficult time to contact The Heart of Change. Rosie is one of the kindest, most generous and understanding people I have ever met and I can say with my hand on my heart that she has helped me to make those all important changes that have completely transformed the way I feel about myself.