Sadly, most of us have been bullied at some time, several, or many times in our lives.

You may have been bullied at school, college, at work, online, by fellow students, “friends” and colleagues, or you may have been bullied over a period of time by parents, other family members or partners.

Whatever forms of bullying you’ve experienced, the effects are lasting and can be very damaging; bullying is nearly always traumatic, often having an impact on the way you feel and behave, the way you live your life and shape your future. It can affect the opportunities you seek out – or don’t – and the beliefs you hold about yourself and your capabilities. And it has the potential to affect your life choices and career.

It can lead to a constant state of anxiety and fear and can at its worst make you physically ill.

Being shouted at in a family relationship is a common form of bullying, as is being called names and told that you are either are this or that, or that you are not this or that. I’m sure that anyone could fill in the blanks. Where it is accompanied by physical aggression or violence, it is even more psychologically – and obviously, physically, damaging.

Researchers at James Cook University found that being bullied as a child, being female, young, anxious and prone to negative emotional states, are significant predictors of whether you might be bullied in the workplace.

I have worked many times with people in my therapeutic practice to help them understand and address bullying – current and historic – in their own relationships, at work, within the family and at home. I help people to release the anger, torment, frustration, stress and ongoing misery and loss of self-esteem that are the effects of bullying.

How can I help?

I can help you to recognise, deal with and recover from bullying in whatever context it has happened or is currently happening, I can help you to deal with it and I can help you understand your legal rights in the workplace and help and advise you on what appropriate action to take, if you need and want to.

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What Clients Say

Working with Rosie helped me to recognise that the bullying at work I was struggling to deal with was part of a repeating pattern of abusive relationships I have had in my life since childhood. When I am shouted at or belittled I experience the same feelings as I had as a child, wanting to run away and hide or becoming tearful.

By understanding that I am longer that small child – and helping me to heal the small child – Rosie has helped me to find new ways to cope. I feel less powerless and can deal with the crippling emotions that used to overwhelm me each time I am belittled or shouted at.

Rosie helped me to safely unlock difficult and uncomfortable memories and look back at them with an adult’s understanding. Through this work I am starting to feel surer of myself; my self-esteem is improving and I can start to deal with the bullies.